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(CheckSum: Marxio File Checksum)

{ Comparing checksum between two files }

Background Information
  • What is a file checksum?
    • A checksum or hash sum is used to check the integrity of the data inside of a file.  This file can be a regular text file, image, executable, or etc.
    • If the checksum published with a download file or by a person matches the checksum performed on the file of concern, then there is a good changed the data was not altered.


  • What is Marxio File Checksum?
    • This program calculates and verify checksums of files downloaded received in email, upload from server, and downloaded from the internet. It supports major checksum types: CRC32, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, RIPEMD-128, RIPEMD-160, HAVAL 256, TIGER 192.


  • Resources
    • Unfortunately, development was discontinued on this tool.


Prerequisite: You Must Complete the QuickStego Lab
  1. *** Lab Prerequisite ***
    • NOTE: Do not continue if you have not completed the QuickStego lab.


  2. On Your Instructor VM


    • Remember that image file horse.bmp does NOT contain embedded text, and horse2.bmp DOES contain embedded text.


    • Notice:  These files are the same byte size (835 KB).

Download Marxio-FCV
  1. Login to your Instructor VM, as username administrator
    • For those of you that do not have access to my class, Instructor VM is a Windows XP Operating System.


  2. On the Instructor VM,


  3. Click on Save (See Below).


  4. Save to C:\tools\CheckSum


Section 1: Run Marxio-FCV.exe
  1. Using Windows Explorer Navigator to C:\tools\CheckSum
    • Double Click on Marxio-FCV.exe


  2. Click on Run


  3. Click on Accept License Agreement


  4. Click on OK


  5. Click On NO


  6. Click OK


Section 2: Comparing CheckSums with Marxio
  1. Click on the Folder in the red rectangle (See Below).


  2. Select horse.bmp
    • Click on Open


  3. Viewing the CheckSum
    • After opening the file, the checksum will automatically be calculated.


  4. Highlight the checksum, and click copy.


  5. Paste the Checksum you just copied into the "Compare with:" textbox.


  6. Now we will open up horse2.bmp to compare its' checksum with horse1.bmp.
    • Click on the folder within the red rectangle.


  7. Select horse2.bmp
    • Click Open.


  8. Notice the Red X, indicates the file checksums do not match.
Proof of Lab
  1. On the Instructor VM


  2. Do a screen print, with the Marxio-FCV.ini highlighted.
    • It is necessary that Date Modified is displayed.


  3. Paste to a word document


  4. Submit to Moodle.

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