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{ Viewing Internet Explorer Cookie Details }

Section 0. Background Information
  • IECookiesView is a small utility that displays the details of all cookies that Internet Explorer stores on your computer. In addition, It allows you to do the following actions:
    • Sort the cookies list by any column you want, by clicking the column header.
    • A second click sorts the column in descending order.
    • Find a cookie in the list by specifying the name of the Web site.
    • Select and delete the unwanted cookies.
    • Save the cookies to a readable text file.
    • Copy cookie information into the clipboard.
    • Automatically refresh the cookies list when a Web site sends you a cookie.
    • Display the cookies of other users and from other computers.
    • Open the IECookiesView utility directly from Internet Explorer toolbar. Change the content of a cookie !
    • Export your cookies to Netscape/Mozilla cookies file. Block specific Web sites from using cookies through the cookies blocking mechanism of Internet Explorer 6.0.


Section 1. Play Virtual Machine
  1. Play the WindowsVulnerable01 virtual machine. (See Below)
    • Note: For those of you that don't have access to class material, this can be Windows XP, 2000, 2003 and 7.


  2. Login as administrator
    • Note:  If you do not have access this class or VM, then make sure your user account has administrative privileges that allow you to install software.



Section 2. Download and Install
  1. Start your Internet Explorer Web Browser


  2. Go to link -->


  3. Click Save


  4. Save As
    • Save to C:\tools\
    • Note:  If the tools directory does not exist, then create it or name it whatever you want.


  5. Click Open Folder


  6. Extract
    • Right Click on
    • Select Extract All...


  7. Select Next


  8. Select Next


  9. Click Finished



Section 3. Create Some Web History.
  1. Open Up Internet Explorer.


  2. Let's Create some "search" history


Section 4. MyLastSearch.exe
  1. Start iecv.exe
    • Double click on iecv.exe


  2. Click Run


  3. Sort your result by Created Date.
    • Note: Click on Created Date, so most the most recent date is at the top.


  4. What is cookies is putting the machine?
    • Highlight: Click on to where it is highlighted in blue.

  5. Viewing a cookie.
    • Click On: Right Click on the Q1 Line, and click Properties


  6. View Cookie Values
    • Notice: See how the Value contains the Zip, City, and State of where msnbc thinks I am located?
    • Something to think about:  Could you image a website that places cookies on peoples machine from an IP address that is running Windows XP SP2 along with Internet Explorer 6.  (Cookies can be scary!!!)


  7. Edit Cookie Values
    • Click On: Right Click on the Q1 Line, and click Edit The Cookie's Content.


  8. Make Value Edits
    • Value: Change the zipcode, city, and state to whatever you want.
    • Click Modify Cookie.
    • Proof of Lab: Do a screen print, paste into word document, and upload to Moodle.


  9. Select Yes


Section: Proof of Lab5
  1. Cut and Paste a screen shot found in Section 4, Step 8 in a word and upload to Moodle. 


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