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(BackTrack 5 R1: Lesson 11)

{ How to Enable Tamper Data }

Section 0. Background Information
  • What is tamper data?
    • Tamper Data is a Firefox Extension which gives you the power to view, record and modify outgoing HTTP/HTTPS requests (headers and post parameters)

  • Pre-Requisite Lab
    1. BackTrack: Lesson 1: Installing BackTrack 5 R1
      • Note: This is not absolutely necessary, but if you are a computer security student or professional, you should have a BackTrack VM.

  • Lab Notes
    • In this lab we will do the following:
      1. We will enable Tamper Data in Firefox on BackTrack 5R1.
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    • You are on notice, that continuing and/or using this lab outside your "own" test environment is considered malicious and is against the law.
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Section 1: Configure BackTrack Virtual Machine Settings
  1. Edit the BackTrack5R1 VM
    • Instructions:
      1. Select BackTrack5R1 VM
      2. Click Edit virtual machine settings


  2. Edit Virtual Machine Settings
    • Instructions:
      1. Click on Network Adapter
      2. Click on the Bridged Radio button
      3. Click on the OK Button


Section 2: Play and Login to BackTrack
  1. Play the BackTrack5R1 VM
    • Instructions:
      1. Click on the BackTrack5R1 VM
      2. Click on Play virtual machine


  2. Login to BackTrack
    • Instructions:
      1. Login: root
      2. Password: toor or <whatever you changed it to>.


  3. Bring up the GNOME
    • Instructions:
      1. Type startx


Section 3: Open Console Terminal and Retrieve IP Address
  1. On BackTrack, Start up a terminal window
    • Instructions:
      1. Click on the Terminal Window


  2. Obtain the IP Address
    • Instructions:
      1. ifconfig -a
    • Note(FYI):
      • My IP address
      • In your case, it will probably be different.
      • This is the machine that will be use to attack the victim machine (Metasploitable).


Section 4: Enable Tamper Data
  1. Start Firefox
    • Instructions:
      1. Click on Firefox


  2. Select Add-ons
    • Instructions:
      1. Tools --> Add-ons


  3. Enable Tamper Data
    • Instructions:
      1. Click on Extensions
      2. Click on Tamper Data Enable Button


  4. Restart Firefox
    • Instructions:
      1. Click Restart Now (See Picture)


Section 15: Proof of Lab
  1. Proof of Lab, (On a BackTrack Terminal)
    • Instructions:
      1. find /root/.mozilla/firefox/* -print | xargs grep -i tamperdata 2>/dev/null | wc -l
        • find /root/.mozilla/firefox/*, Search the (/root/.mozilla/firefox/) path
        • xargs grep -i tamperdata, Search for the string (tamperdata) and ignore case (grep -i).
        • 2>/dev/null, Send standard error into a black hole .
        • wc -l, Count the number of results. Where (-l) is a lowercase L.
      2. date
      3. echo "Your Name"
        • Replace the string "Your Name" with your actual name.
        • e.g., echo "John Gray"
    • Proof of Lab Instructions:
      1. Do a PrtScn
      2. Paste into a word document
      3. Upload to Moodle

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