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(BackTrack: Networking)

{ How to get an IP Address via DHCP }

1. Prerequisite
  1. Login to your Backtrack01 VM, as username root
    • For those of you that are not a part of my class, the Backtrack01 VM, is BackTrack 4 Linux.


  2. startx
    • Issue the startx command if you are currently are only seeing a console and not a graphical user interface.


2. Confirm Backtrack01 has an IP Address
  1. Fire up a console or terminal window
    • System --> Konsole


  2. ifconfig
    • Example:  No IP Address for eth0
      • If a valid IP address for eth0 is not displayed please move onto step 3.


    • Example: Valid IP Address for eth0


  3. vi /etc/network/interfaces


  4. Your file should look similar to the below screen shot


  5. cd /etc/init.d/


  6. ./networking start


  7. Confirm you have a valid IP address for eth0
    • In my case, eth0's IP address is

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