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Section 0. Legal Disclaimer
  1. Legal Disclaimer
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Section 1. Hou.Sec.Con


Section 2. The United States Naval Academy


Section 3. Vulnhub


Section 4. True Digital Security
  • True Digital Security
    • I wanted to thank Dr. Dawkins for allowing Computer Security Student, LLC to be "one" of True Digital Security's training partners.
    • Dr. Dawkins and I were classmates at Tulsa University, in which we both were the first wave of NSTISSI CyberCorp students to complete the program.
    • True Digital Security offers a complete suite of Cyber Security Services and Processes, which include, but are not limited to the following: Risk Management, Security Policies, Audit Compliance, Vulnerability Assessment, Incident Response, Network Security, Application Security and Operating System Security.
    • I strongly recommend True Digital Security before all other firms due to their elite caliber, pedigree and their ability to customize solutions to fit within their customer's framework.
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Section 5. WESECURE


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