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Date Topic Name
2012-06-17Ubuntu: Lesson 0: Installing Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS - Disable VMWare Easy Install
2012-06-18Ubuntu: Lesson 1: Installing Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS
2012-06-22Ubuntu: Lesson 2: Use Ubuntu 12.04 Grub to boot into single user mode
2012-06-25Ubuntu: Lesson 3: Hardening the Boot Loader, /boot/grub/grub.cfg
2012-07-01Ubuntu: Lesson 4: Using a Live CD to crack a password protected grub.cfg file
2012-07-02Ubuntu: Lesson 5: Using a Live CD to clear root's password in /etc/shadow
2012-07-08Ubuntu: Lesson 6: Enabling Strong Passwords using login.defs and common-password
2012-07-09Ubuntu: Lesson 7: Enable and Disable the BIOS Power On Password
2012-07-16Ubuntu: Lesson 8: Installing and Securing openssh-server (a.k.a., sshd)
2012-07-22Ubuntu: Lesson 9: How to setup an ssh key infrastructure
2012-07-23Ubuntu: Lesson 10: Install and Configure Apache2
2012-07-23Ubuntu: Lesson 11: Add New Disk, Create Partition Table and Filesystem
2012-07-29Ubuntu: Lesson 12: Installing and Configuring Squid Proxy Server
2012-08-06Ubuntu: Lesson 13: Installing and Testing denyhosts and
2012-08-12Ubuntu: Lesson 14: Installing and Testing PortSentry against NMAP
2012-08-20Ubuntu: Lesson 15: Installing and Configuring Samba